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Winter Woods

Out with the Dogs

The Seafarer

Winter Life


Protectors of the Crown

Night turns to Day

Green Bridge

Landscape in Fuschia & Black

Landscape with Fire & Fury

Tree Fall

Flood Jet Amber

Bear Hugs (Gold)

Winter Fox

Tender Bear

Fox & Goose

Woodland Scene

Crows over a Canal

Skimming Stones

Birds on a Beach

Snow on the Hill

A Game of Chess

Lilli Marlene

Sawing Wood

Eagles over Bamburgh

Beach Boys

A Walk on the Beach

Colours of Life I

Colours of Life II

Summer Day

Bears in the Woods

Cherry Blossom Bear Cub

White Stag

Running Wild

Dogs on a Beach

Tales of the Forest

Hunter's Moon

Still Waters

The Pinstripe Suit