Tim Southall

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Circle of Life

Moving in Mysterious Ways

Deer in Winter

Rhythm of Life

A Walk in the Snow

White Horses

Everybody Loves Snow

Mad Dogs

Hissing Goose

Riding the Wave

A Bark in the Night

Coming Home

Prowling Cats

Leaping Hound

Strolling Hounds

The Rivals

Drag Queen on the Rocks

Mistle Thrush Song

Swallows over the Abbey

Guinea Fowl

Blue Boar

Sea Birds

Stepping Stones

Man & Dog

Beach Life

Low Tide

Dogs on a Beach

Old Puss in Boots

Pelican Portrait

Plague Doctor

A Tale of London


Winter Kings

Tudor Rose

Equus II

Equus IV

Lion of Venice

Acqua Alta

San Giorgio Maggiore in the Mist

Henry Tudor


La Serenissima


A Hole in the Ice

Hunters in the Snow

Winter Queens



Lone Wolf

Danse Macabre

Golden Age

Ravens at the Tower

Tales of the Forest


Dark Ages

Wolves in the Woods

Where Reindeer Roam

Acqua Alta

San Giorgio Maggiore in the Mist