Etching & aquatint in edition of 75

Image size 20 x 30 cm

Paper size 32 x 42 cm

I live and work in Cadiz, Spain and just 3 miles from the Atlantic Ocean and a number of well-known surfing beaches. Many of my works are inspired by the sea. ‘Riding the Wave’ depicts the exhilarating freedom and action of a surfer duelling with the power and energy of an ocean wave. This experienced surfer is using a short board which makes for a faster ride with greater manoeuvrability. Digging deeper behind the image, the intention in this print is also to use surfing as a metaphor for living in the moment, seizing opportunities, taking risks and ultimately enjoying a period of success and good fortune.

Aquatint is a printmaking technique whereby an acid resistant resin is applied to the surface of the plate. Areas of the plate are then ‘stopped out’ or blocked, by applying an acid resistant varnish. The initial stopping out creates the white areas in the image when dipped in acid. Increasing depths of tones are created by incremental dips in the acid until a full tonal range is achieved. This aquatint is printed in a bright cyan blue, this print is also available in other colours by request.

‘Riding the Wave’ is made on a copper plate. It is printed on Somerset Velvet, an off-white, heavyweight 300 gram handmade paper from St Cuthbert's Mill in Somerset. The print is in a limited edition of 75 and signed by the artist. The image size is 20 x 30 cm on a paper size is 32 x 42 cm.